Alltech Coppens, the Dutch fish feed company, has announced fish farm Tropic Ribarstvo and its invention, a peracetic acid dispenser for trout farms, as the winner of the inaugural Inventor program.

Tropic Ribarstvo which is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has won €2,000 worth of Alltech Coppens feed and the support of the Alltech Innovation team to help develop the idea.

Tropic Ribarstvo team has invented a device for safely applying treatments to fish tanks and raceways (as in the intensive production of rainbow trout there are conditions, such as gills diseases, that need to be treated with peracetic acid or a similar medical supplement).

Pat Charlton, chief executive of Alltech Coppens explaines: “Traditionally, the flow in the fish tank is stopped and the peracetic acid is manually applied to the water — this can cause additional stress on the fish and uneven distribution of the therapeutic. This invention is an extremely efficient method of treating fish in a way that ensures safe and stable dosing while minimising stress to fish stock during the process.”