CMHI Lays Keel for OHT Heavy Lifter


China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) has laid the keel for Offshore Heavy Transport’s (OHT) new semisubmersible wind farm foundation installation vessel Alfa Lift.

The vessel is due to be delivered early 2021, with the next major milestone to be the launching ceremony planned for March 2020.

OHT chief executive Torgeir Ramstad said: “We have worked together with the shipyard in an open and cooperative way to ensure the utmost quality of construction. Because OHT places a high degree of importance on quality.

“According to our customers our vessel will be ground-breaking and will serve the growing offshore wind market for decades to come.

“The word ‘growing’ is perhaps not precise enough to describe what is happening in the offshore wind market.”

Alfa Lift is designed to install all types of bottom-fixed offshore wind foundations and will transport and install topsides and subsea modules, in addition to other heavy cargoes within oil & gas.

Featuring a free deck length of 148m, and a free deck area of 8,100m² (main) + 2,470 m² (foredeck), the vessel has accommodation for 100 people. It has a total length of 216.3m, and a breadth of 56m.