Built by Concordia Damen, the inland shipping vessel Sendo Liner, has won the prestigious KNVTS Ship of the Year 2019 Maritime Award. The award jury highlighted the vessel’s ‘future-proof’ propulsion configuration (diesel-electric supplemented with a battery pack) as a crucial factor in selecting the Sendo Liner as the winner. The award was presented at the 2019 Maritime Awards Gala.

The innovative Sendo Liner is an inland container ship with dimensions 110 x 11.45 x 3.2 m (LxWxT). It was designed by Concordia Damen in close collaboration with its client, and owner of the vessel, Sendo Shipping.

During the design of the ship, Concordia Damen and Sendo Shipping paid extensive attention to making the ship as efficient, economical and clean as possible in its task of container transport on inland waterways. The design brief also included the requirement to make the vessel future-proof.

The Sendo Liner has an optimized layout that has increased its loading capacity by 8% relative to a vessel of similar size. Moreover, the vessel has an innovative ballast system that allows it to increase its air draft when it passes fully loaded under bridges.

The vessel’s propulsion is diesel-electric backed up with a large battery pack that can be recharged via a shore connection. Compared to similar inland shipping vessels, it is this propulsion configuration in addition to the increased cargo volume and reduced hull resistance that represents a major step forward in terms of fuel efficiency. Indeed, these 3 factors combined mean that the Sendo Liner achieves a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions per container transported.

The propulsion system, designed by Concordia Damen and Sendo Shipping, enables to switch energy sources in a relatively simple manner in the future and to maximize load capacity. This means that the Sendo Liner will be a leader in low-emission operations throughout its entire lifespan.

“We are extremely proud that the Sendo Liner has won the KNVTS Ship of the Year 2019 award. This award is the result of the close and productive cooperation between ourselves and Sendo Shipping. It is our shared vision of increased sustainability that pushed this project forward. We are proud to be working with them,” says Mr Kornet, CEO from Concordia Damen.

Currently, Concordia Damen is constructing 5 vessels from the same design as the Sendo Liner.