Following the success of WODCON XXII conference that has taken place in Shanghai, the next one – WODCON XXIII – will take place from 16th-20th May 2022, at the Tivoli Congress Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The main theme of the event will be ‘Dredging is changing’.

Not only is dredging, as an activity, always primarily targeted to modify the environment, it is also changing in terms of the positive impacts it can have on the natural and socio-economic environment.

Apart from stating that our way of dredging is changing – just think: advances in dredging technology, novel solutions for adaptation to climate change, nature-based approaches, circular design, benefits/value for all stakeholders, corporate social responsibility, sustainable approach – these three words actually have a more philosophical depth too,” said Johan Pennekamp, Chair of the WODCON XXIII Organizing Committee, explaining the thinking behind the theme.

He added, “Dredging always means changing the environment whether it is capital dredging or even maintenance. Dredging always aims to create a new or improved situation and this aspect is quite often not recognized or appreciated!”

WODCON is held once every three years by WODA. WODA rotates the responsibility for organising WODCONs between its three member associations, and the organising member holds the congress in its region. CEDA will organise WODCON XXIII.