The Gondan shipyard at Figueras in Spain has launched a new factory trawler. Designed by Kongsberg, the new trawler will the yard’s second delivery to Norwegian company Prestfjord AS when it is delivered next year.

The new Sunderøy has a 77.30m overall length and a 17m beam, and is designed to operate in the Barents Sea and Svalbard areas of the Arctic, with capacity for both whitefish and shrimp. It has accommodation for a crew of up to 29.

Sunderøy has sophisticated Rolls-Royce propulsion, with a 7200kW, 12-cylinder Bergen B33:45 main engine, plus 1920kW Bergen C25:33L6A and 505kW auxiliary sets. It will also have a Hybrid Shaft Generator (PTO, 2950kW / PTI, 2000kW), as well as a 350kW battery energy storage capacity. Rolls-Royce will also supply the AC electrical winches.

The new trawler will have a highly sophisticated processing and freezing deck, with a 2250 cubic metre fishroom and capacity to produce fishmeal and fish oil on board.