Tehran (ISNA) – Iran’s Navy has held a massive four-day drill dubbed “Sustainable Security 2019” in the Caspian Sea on Sunday with the message of peace and friendship.

The drill is being held in an area of 25,800 square miles in the Caspian Sea in order to enhance combat capabilities and readiness at sea. Naval units are taking part in the war game, including warships, rocket launchers and helicopter as well as navy rangers.

Commander of the Iranian Army’s Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said on Saturday that four-day naval drills promotes Iran’s naval capabilities in the Caspian Sea and is carried out independently.

It is on the agenda to hold military exercise in collaboration with neighboring countries, he added.

Khanzadi noted that the security of the Caspian Sea should be maintained by its neighbors, and according to the agreements made, no country outside the Caspian Sea should be present in this region at all.

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