JRC/Alphatron Marine introduces the new AlphaHeatDetectionSystem


JRC/Alphatron Marine announced their new solution, the AlphaHeatDetectionSystem on September 9.

This system offers a cost-effective safety measure which can identify and prevent hazardous situations for all types of RoPax vessels, such as a danger of fire caused by a vehicle or cargo. The investment that must be made for this system to cover the Gross and Net Cost of Averting a Fatality (GCAF/NCAF) will stay far below the standard. In some situations, regular fire alarm sensors do not detect heat/smoke or detect it too late. This thermal network bullet camera is applied to perimeter defense and fire-prevention purposes. The AlphaHeatDetectionSystem helps to identify these hazardous situations in an early stage, before a heat source ignites, even when partly covered or in heavy rain. It unburdens captain and crew by remote monitoring through satellite connection.

The AlphaHeatDetectionSystem was extensively tested with different fire scenarios to challenge the system, taking into account the effects of ventilation, weather and other relevant factors. The test carried out on the Stena Scandinavica and witnessed by Class Society Bureau Veritas Marine and Offshore and RISE Fire Research AS, was concluded with positive results, reflecting the system is able to more rapidly detect heat sources compared to common smoke detectors. 

Sister ship Stena Transit is now also equipped with the AlphaHeatDetectionSystem on the weather deck. “It is an innovative project which needed a lot of time and investment of both parties. The results are very good with high potential. It did meet our expectations”, concludes Peter van de Wardt, Senior Master on the RoRo Stena Transporter.