Metal Shark, the USA-based shipbuilder, and Sea Machines, a Boston-based leading developer of autonomous marine technology, have partnered on the introduction of a new 29 feet long autonomous vessel, which is now being offered as “Sharktech” through Metal Shark’s autonomous division.

The Sharktech 29 Defiant is a welded aluminum monohull pilothouse vessel, featuring OEM-integrated Sea Machines technology, that offers a full range of advanced capabilities including active control and collision avoidance. The system enables traditionally manned, reduced-crew or unmanned autonomous operations and delivers “human-in-the-loop” navigation capabilities during both line-of-sight and over-the-horizon operations.

The Sharktech 29 Defiant and all onboard systems are commanded via a direct wireless PC-based user interface through Sea Machines’ SM300 autonomous control and monitoring system. The remote control with joystick provides manual control for situations when autonomy mode is not required. The belt-pack remote allows for vessel, systems and payload control within a range of 1-2 km.

“We founded Sharktech in 2018 to streamline the customer’s path to autonomy by bridging the gap between the industry’s autonomous software developers and the traditional shipbuilder,” said Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard. “Now, in conjunction with Sea Machines we have developed a turn-key autonomous production model to be kept in our regular stock rotation and available for near-immediate delivery.”

Metal Shark and Sea Machines recently launched demos using the new platform. The units, being under Metal Shark’s stock boat program, are now available for acquisition by government and commercial operators.