Novaton, a Swiss multi-innovation company, combines clean technologies with clean energy in aquaculture to build and operate smart cleantech aquaculture farms which results in 100% natural, healthy, chemical-free seafood. Using Novaton’s processes, natural healthy seafood can all be cultivated and produced at large industrial scale and sold at affordable economic prices.

In cooperation with Norwegian partner Salmo Solar, Novaton has developed a cleantech marine fish cage operating on solar energy which can function remotely in exposed seas. This autonomous industrial fish cage can be customized for growing salmon, seabass, seabream and other marine species without diesel.

The company is currently in the process of developing smart industrial aquaculture platforms to produce perfect healthy natural fish inside of polluted waters. This solution is called the ‘Novaton Chessboard’ and will operate on hybrid solar-wind energy systems. These platforms will deploy clean energy in aquaculture to cultivate organic fish in recirculated clean water basins, suspended and isolated inside the polluted waters of seas and lakes.

Issam Kabbani, CEO and co-founder of Novaton explained: “Imagine a floating chessboard where the white cases are basins filled with clean unpolluted water, treated to grow organic fish and the dark cases are solar panels, all operated with smart automated management systems.”