Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has awarded a $133.1 million contract to Norfolk Dredging Co. of Chesapeake, Virginia, to perform the Savannah inner harbor dredging project.

Work will be performed in Savannah, Georgia, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 6, 2021.

Savannah Harbor is located at Savannah, Chatham County on the northern coast of Georgia and the southern coast of South Carolina Jasper County. The Savannah River North Toe, down river of the confluence of the Sediment Basin is the boundary line separating Georgia from South Carolina. The existing Savannah Harbor inner harbor channel extends from Station 0+000 at the landward end of the navigation jetties inland to Station 112+500 in Port Wentworth, Georgia. The deepening project does not extend the entire length of the channel. The deepening for this project begins at Station 70+000 and ends at Station 103+000.

The project includes removal of all material, including any material within the existing maintenance prism, to required project depths and overdepths. Dredging of maintenance and unclassified material between Stations 70+000 to 103+000 and Kings Island Turning Basin, debris removal, and diving shall be included in the contract. All dredged material will be disposed of in existing confined upland disposal areas.

The estimated construction duration for inner harbor dredging Reaches A & B is 630 days.