Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design has revealed a 112 metre hydrogen-electric yacht concept called Aqua ahead of the Monaco Yacht Show next week.

Extensively developed over the past five months, Aqua has been created in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects, which developed the yacht’s hydrogen technology and naval architecture.

Aqua features a hydrogen-electric system. The hydrogen propulsion package is based on the use of liquified hydrogen, which is stored at -253C degrees in two 28 ton vacuum isolated tanks.

The hydrogen is converted into electrical energy by proton exchange membrane fuel cells, with the generated energy powering the propulsion, auxiliary systems and hotel services. Water is the only by product of the system, which also sees large batteries buffer the generated electricity. The result is a top speed of 17 knots, cruising speed of 10-12 knots and range of 3750 nautical miles.

“Our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a true superyacht that is not only groundbreaking in technology, but also in design and aesthetics,” designer Sander Sinot said.

The exterior has been inspired by “ocean swells”, and features a curved top deck, integrated bow observatory, glass band windows and a raised front profile.

Sinot will present a three metre scale model of the concept at the Monaco Yacht Show.