Gibraltar has seen the country’s first-ever LNG bunkering within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) with the arrival of the world’s biggest semi submersible crane vessel (SSCV) Sleipnir.

The crane vessel, owned by Heerema Marine Contractors, is an impressive 220m long structure, with a breadth of 102m and total gross tonnage of 187,987 tons. The vessel houses 155 crew members and 102 passengers.

The LNG bunkering operation was only allowed after key personnel from both vessels met with a team from the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) and has been the largest LNG bunker supply in Europe to date.

Niels den Nijs, CEO of Titan LNG, said: “We thank the Port of Gibraltar for their support and are proud of our STS team and the crew on board the Coral Fraseri. The operation was performed in the sheltered bay helping to make this a safe, efficient and smooth operation.

“We thank Heerema for their trust and cooperation that made this a successful bunkering operation in Gibraltar. We look forward to supplying Heerema with more LNG in the future to fulfil Titan’s mission of lowering harmful emissions from the marine and industrial sector.”

Whilst at anchor in Gibraltar, the Sleipnir carried out a number of operations which included crew changes, spares, stores and LNG bunkering. The LNG bunker was supplied by the LNG carrier Coral Fraseri owned by Titan LNG which arrived specifically to deliver the LNG to the SSCV. 

Sleipnir has now left BGTW and is bound for Israel.

The Minister with responsibility for the Port, Gilbert Licudi said he was very pleased with the way the operation had been conducted and hoped that this was the start of more regular LNG bunkering activity within BGTW.