Norwegian shipbuilder Vard has equipped Simon Møkster’s PSV Stril Barents with Vard Electro’s SeaQ Energy Storage System (ESS) and SeaQ Shore Connection. 

Platform supply vessel Stril Barents is a modern duel fuel vessel delivered initially by Vard in 2015, and the installation of the SeaQ ESS and SeaQ Shore Connection will ensure that the environmental impact is reduced. Fuel consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced for all operating modes. Increased security is achieved in terms of spinning reserve, response time as well as enhanced redundancy.

Vard Electro’s scope covered engineering, steel pre-fabrication, installation, integration, testing, and commissioning. Planning and installation were performed in co-operation with Simon Møkster Shipping, allowing installation to be completed without off-hire days for the vessel.

The Stril Barents will now receive the class notation “Battery Power” from DNV GL.