Vikand’s medical centers onboard cruise ships


Vikand, the U.S. medical solutions-based company, is chalking up a record-breaking year after launching the onboard medical service for 7 new cruise line clients.

These include Jalesh Cruises, Mystic Cruises, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, Antartica21, Aurora Expeditions, Scenic Cruises & Virgin Voyages. The medical group Vikand continues to grow with existing cruise line partners, recently assuming medical operations for Saga Cruises’ Spirit of Discovery and Viking’s Viking Jupiter.

Vikand offers a range of healthcare service options and is usually contracted 18-24 months before the launch of a new cruise line or ship to support the entire setup of the onboard medical center. The company’s primary areas of focus include facility layout and design, equipment and formulary recommendations, development of policies and procedures, purchasing/logistical support and equipment installation.