ZIM announced the official launch of its revolutionary Powered by Our Customers approach which is letting its clients help drive its digital direction.

ZIM, Integrated Shipping Services based in Israel, which has set out its stall to be a digital pioneer within the container shipping sphere, moves forward with the development and implementation of new digital tools, has unveiled its innovative new concept, Powered by Our Customers, which will become the new standard for all future ZIM digital applications.

Taking ZIM’s personal touch and customer-oriented approach to the next level, Powered by Our Customers approach is all about inviting customers to take an active part in designing and influencing ZIM’s Service Experience – For Customers By Customers!

Customers and partners have already been approached and invited to become influencers. In about a month, they will begin to receive short questionnaires about their preferences regarding upcoming ZIM digital tools. As an example, the development and features of the new ZIM mobile application will be guided by the customers’ preferences.

Recognizing the huge importance of end-users’ contribution in creating top-notch customer experience, ZIM has decided to integrate this customer-oriented approach as part of its new vision – Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You.